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The membership structure of BITA includes Founder Committee, Associate & general members. Founder committee is the mentoring partners & highest Advisory body of the association based on their accomplishment and willingness to help the next generation IT trade partners and entrepreneurship.
Associate members are invited parent company, CNF & National Distributors
partners which benefits from knowledge, education, inspiration and guidance. General membership is open to any VAT Registered  IT and Com munication trade, channel & reseller partners.
BITA is governed by the Founder Committee elected from amongst its executive members and office bearers - President, Secretary, Treasurer, VP, Jt. Secretary. Founder committee further elects five sub committee chaired by a member of the board to look after in the respective area of development and share the feedback to the highest body. 
1.Governance Committee assists with all aspects related to governance.
2.IT Reform & awareness Committee helps organizing conferences & seminars.
3.Finance & Administration Committee looks after the sponsorships and finance.
4.Channel Development Committee identifies, invites  & registers new members. 
5.Branding Committee helps developing consistent brand communication. 

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