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Our Objectives

  • Promotion of mutual co-operation, trust brotherhood, exchange of goodwill, knowledge, skills, expertise and   rendering services to the fellow members – professionals, dealers, retailers and other members of the trade.
  • To resolve conflicts and clashes of interest and leading the path for the development and betterment of the members
    and trade.
  • To work for the welfare of the members, their family members and employees of the members.
  • To impart training and education to the family and employees of the members and interested parties/persons and extending all possible help to enhance / achieve computer literacy levels.
  • To extend all possible help like financial, social, medical to the aggrieved party(s) In case(s) of untoward incidents / emergencies like death, accidents etc.
  • To bring into notice of the members about all Government notifications relating to the trade (specially related to IT industry).Government regulations, ordinances, acts etc. and to extend all assistance in resolving the difficulties arising out of them and to make efforts to apprise the government of these difficulties and to help the member to achieve the desired assistance from the government.

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